Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer, Summer, Summer . . .

Summer has been flying by so quickly! I cannot believe it is the middle of July! The Gibson family has been rather busy this Summer. Some of the highlights include:
  • working in the garden
  • experimenting with new camera
  • taking an iMovie class/creating a DVD of our 2005 Disney vacation
  • transferring home videos to DVD
  • taking care of a baby raccoon
  • swimming lessons
  • Summer school
  • flute and violin lessons
  • canoeing on the Des Moines River on Father's Day
  • spending 4th of July weekend at Uncle Christopher and Autie JoJo Farabees in Lincoln, Nebraska
  • having a funeral and burial for Teko the cat (tragedy)
  • hosting a backyard barbeque bridal shower for our niece, Sarah
  • preparing to sell produce from our garden
  • working diligently on my "Things To Do This Summer" list. I have successfully completed five of the eight items on the list. This is what I have left: update the kids' scrapbooks, finish rock border in front of house, and plant trees.

I don't want to think about school starting in a month. I say that, but I have been making lists of things I want to do for the new school year. That is what 3 hours of mowing or hours of weeding in the garden offers.